Netflix & Chill…

Most people who know me personally know that all I do in my free time, or even on my lunch break (when I am at my big girl job where I know NO ONE) is watch netflix.

I thought that it would be cool to break down some of my favourite things to watch on netflix because we are ALWAYS looking for new suggestions.

Forensic Files

  1. Forensic Files

Forensic Files is the WORLDS longest running true crime TV series.  On netflix there are about 9 Collections or as most people like to call them “seasons” I am sure that there are more, they just haven’t reached netflix yet.  In every collection there are about 48 episodes, that are maximum 20 minutes long.  This show talks about crimes where forensics were used to catch the suspect, most of the episodes are murders, there are some rapes & some poisonings.  If you are into true crime, this is the show for you to watch!


2. Rosewood

Rosewood is about a forensic pathologist, aka medical examiner, aka person who cuts open dead bodies to figure out the cause of death and a homicide detective who work together in order to solve the most difficult murders.  This show only has two seasons as it was cancelled, and each episode runs about 40 minutes long, there are about 22 episodes in each season, this show really grew on me and whenever anyone is looking for a new show to watch, this one is always the first one that comes out of my mouth.

50 ways to kill your lover

3. 50 Ways to kill your lover

50 ways to kill your lover is exactly what it sounds like, 50 ways to kill your lover.  This series displays 50 cases in 2 seasons on cases where a lover has killed their significant other or mistress.  This show has 8 episodes per season, but during one episode you see 2-3 cases depending on how long the story is to tell.  Each episode is around 50 minutes I think.



4. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a docu-series by Netflix, it goes over some of the biggest Financial SCAMS by some of the worlds biggest companies, there is even an episode thrown in there on Donald Trump as he has done some scamming in his time.  There are only 6 episodes that run about 50 minutes each.  This is something that is FRESH to Netflix and I am just loving it.

murderous affairs.jpg

5. Murderous Affairs

Murderous Affairs is very similar to 50 ways to kill your lover, actually it is the same show with a different name and different cases, there are two seasons with about 18 episodes per season, and the episodes run around 21 minutes.

FBI Criminal Pursuit

6. FBI Criminal Pursuit

This show is about cases that the FBI has worked, it shows everything from the crime happening to them catching their criminal.  This show has two seasons, with about 13 episodes per season and each episode running right under 50 minutes.

dear white people .jpg

7. Dear White People

“Students of color navigate the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an Ivy League college that’s not nearly as “post-racial” as it thinks.  This is a series that was created by Netflix and it kind of outlines what has been happening in America when it comes to African Americans STILL not being treated as an equal.

That is all I have for now as I am still finding new things to watch on Netflix everyday, I am always taking suggestions.  Tell me if you want me to do an updated Netflix guide in about a month or so when I get a few new shows under my belt.  Happy Sunday babies!


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