Update.. Fenty Beauty

Hey loves, so a few months ago I literally went crazy over the launch of Fenty Beauty and I raved about how much I loved the two products that I got…

Well, my mind has SLIGHTLY changed to be honest, I still love the primer & I use it every single day, it is so nice and moisturizing.

THE FOUNDATION THO, let me tell you the stress that I had with that.  First off, the pump on my foundation broke and no one really realizes that once the pump breaks, there is no way to get the foundation out of the bottle at all.

I had to go back to sephora & I just decided to return it for a store credit, there are some reasons why I also didn’t end up exchanging it.

FIRST, I realized that as much as the foundation made me look like a flawless lil bih, it clogged my pores so bad it wasn’t even funny.  I was breaking out all over my face it was disgusting.  My mom and my boyfriend even noticed it, and my boyfriend doesn’t pay attention to anything that has to do with my makeup.

I don’t have very acne prone or problem skin but I do have sensitive skin, either way I do not know what the hell that foundation did to my face.  I am just going to keep sticking to the current foundation routine I have which is my maybelline fit me mixed with my LA Girl Pro foundation because it has my skin looking like butta.

I never thought these things would have to be said about the beloved Fenty Beauty foundation but boy…


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