itsmyrayeraye x bh cosmetics

Hey loves,

You guys know how much I love my makeup, I recently purchased the BH Cosmetics x itsmyrayeraye collab palette & oh do I have an opinion on it.

This palette retails for $22.50 USD which isn’t bad since BH Cosmetics is always known for their affordable makeup & stuff.

I ordered the palette the day that it launched and I really have some mixed feelings about it.

I tried out the eyeshadows and let me tell you, boy they are pigmented, like they were AMAZING, the eyeshadows were a 10/10 for me.  Oh wow, I forgot to mention that the palette comes with 15 eyeshadows, a mixture of shimmer and matte & then 3 contour shades & 3 highlighters.


One thing that I liked that Raye did, she put a highlight and contour shade in there for every skintone, which I think was very sweet of her.  BUT she kinda missed me with the shade ranges of the contour colours, not to mention that they were VERY patchy on my skin & the middle shade was too light and the dark shade was way too dark.

As a women of colour, I got excited that ANOTHER women of colour was making something that could work for us women of colour, but let me tell you, in MY opinion issa no for me dawg.

NOW, onto the highlighters, lately I have been going for a pretty natural highlight as I don’t like the look of having too much makeup on anymore, I don’t know what it was but I did not like the highlighters at all, I think it was the way it sat on my face but it just wasn’t working for me.

All in all, I LOVED the eyeshadows but the rest of the palette was a no for me, now remember that this was my first impression, I might end up liking it later but as of now, I don’t think so…


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