ELF Cosmetics Skincare

Hey loves!

So the other day one of my fav brands ELF had a 50% off sale so you know I was in that.

I ended up ordering a few things & I don’t know what happened but it ended up getting sent to my old address! I was so upset but ELF ended up sending me a package to my house & then with Gods will (aka my mom) I ended up getting the OTHER package that was sent to my old house which meant doubles of everything YAY!

The two things that I want to talk about today is the Gentle Peeling Exfoliator & the Face Serum that I have been testing out.

Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

First off, this Gentle Peeling Exfoliator is amazing for people like me with super sensitive skin, what it does is peel ALL of the dead skin away from your face leaving you with a layer of super soft and amazing skin.  I have used it twice and it has been heaven sent because as we all know I was going thru it with my face at one point.

Also another thing that helped my face was switching back to my fav face soap which is Castile soap, I had to stop using it on my face because one of the main ingredients is oil & I had eyelash extensions in.

57015 hydrating _closed

The other product I have been foaming over is the face serum, my mom is VERY into serums so when she saw that I had gotten one she grabbed it and ran, literally.  But because I did get two boxes I was able to give her one & she loved it so much that she made me order her another one already just so she makes sure that she doesn’t run out.  AGAIN, after using this I noticed that my skin wasn’t as dry especially when applying makeup because that is when I would notice it the most.  Now, I had to ask my mom what the difference between just a regular face cream and a serum was and she said a serum will go under the surface of the skin to KEEP it moisturized.

The thing that gets me about these two items is I think I paid $5 for one & $6 for the other, which in my opinion is a steal.

ELF skincare is such good quality for the price, I cannot wait to try more of it and have my skin GLOWING from within.


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