I’ve gotten to that point again…

Remember when I started blogging I would tell you guys about how I love being a minimalist & what not, well yeah that has gone out the window.

Over the past few weeks/ months I have been shopping a ton because as we all know styles and stuff change, plus I just got a new job type thing so I needed adult clothing..

Now? I have way too much stuff, there are boxes all over my room of things I ordered, I am running out of space to store my stuff and I don’t even know what to do.

I was thinking about starting one of those instagram accounts where you post your stuff for people to buy but then I thought “who would want my shit anyways” so now I’m sitting here like “what do I do with all of this stuff” because it’s driving me INSANE.  When I put stuff aside to donate it ends up piling up because my mom doesn’t take them right away to be donated.

I need suggestions, I will try anything at this point before I end up drowning in my own shit.


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