I hope this reaches her in time – r.h sin

Hey my loves, I’m back with another poetry book review!

I follow this poet on instagram called r.h sin & i have been wanting to read one of his books for a while but they just aren’t in my price range to be honest, but when I saw that he came out with “I hope this reaches her in time” and it was only like $5 I was so here for it.

Now, just a warning, it is a shorter book as I bodied it in just half an hour, this book literally made me feel things I’ve never felt while reading a poetry book, it was slightly scary.

I could 100% relate to ALL of the poems in this book and it took my mind back to times in my life when I was in relationships that were just bad for my health.

This book brought up emotions & usually I am emotionless when it comes to things like this.

There were so many poems in that book that literally reflected certain events in my life & it was crazy knowing that someone else has either seen or been through the exact same experience and or moment.

I am urging everyone, males & females to buy this book because as I said, it is one of the best poetry books I have read to DATE.  You guys all know I love milk & honey & the sun & her flowers, but this book was amazing.

If you want to purchase it, I am going to leave the link here (click the words “link here) so you can purchase this book because let me tell you, it was amazing.


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