the chaos of longing – k. y. robinson

Hey guys, I told you I would be back with another poetry book review soon right?  Well ya girl is here.

I literally just finished reading the chaos of longing by k. y. robinson and it was good.

This poetry collection was more based on loving yourself or as the kids would call it “self love” and relationships.

I got the sense that whichever man she spoke of in this book really hurt her or whatever because there wasn’t really one nice thing to say about him.

This book was relatable to me personally because when I read certain poems, certain men who have hurt me in the past kind of popped up in my head and when things like that happen it gives me a chance to reflect on how much I have grown as a person because of those situations.

This poetry collection was 118 pages which was not bad but, it has no type of illustration which is not the end of the world to be honest.

If you want to read a poetry collection that speaks of finding yourself about a bad/ demeaning relationship I would definitely give this book a read.

Well, if you will excuse me ya girl has driving school in the morning and I can barely keep my eyes open at this point.  Hopefully in the next few days I will finish my last poetry book and post my review/ opinion.


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