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Uncaged Wallflower – Jennae Cecelia

You may think



with little room 



but to every 


there is a 


I got this poetry book for a really good price on Amazon and I thought to myself “why not” poetry is all the rage right now and reading something other then “Milk and Honey” or “the sun and her flowers” might be good for my soul.

Uncaged Wallflower is basically about loving yourself & learning to love yourself and let go of the pain and hurt.

I couldn’t really relate to 90% of this book to be honest, and when I am reading poetry I want to be able to relate to the poems.  Now, with that being said I was able to relate to 10% of the poems which was super cute but the remaining 90%? I don’t know bout that.

Would I buy this book again? No I don’t think so for the simple fact that I read it and felt nothing which is very unusual when reading poetry..

I still have one more book to read from this author so I will definitely be back with a few more book reviews!

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