ShopMissA Single Shadows..

Hey guys! I have been waiting patiently to be able to do this review but of course I had to test out the product to make sure that it was good.

A week ago I got some shadows from which is a hella affordable makeup website that sells everything you need from lashes to eyeshadow, even bronzer and highlighters.

I have been shopping on the website for years so when I saw that they had some out with single shadows I was SHOOK.  The shadows are also cruelty free which is a plus in my books.  I wanted to test these out to make sure that they were good because it was only $2.50 USD per shadow..

I got six colors & I would tell you names but they only have numbers and ya girl is lazy.

I also got the magnetic palette so I could safely house my shadows.

All together with shipping my bill came up to $32 CAD which isn’t bad considering.

Let me tell you, these shadows are BOMB & I have never heard anyone talk about them which has me slightly confused.

They are pigmented and smooth and did I mention that they are only $2.50 USD?

The only con with these shadows is that they have the potential to stain the eyelid which sucks but I mean I am not even mad.

So the moral of this review/ story is GO GET THESE EYESHADOWS LIKE NOW PLEASE.


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