Best Lip Balms?

Hey guys, two posts in two days?  Who do I think I am?

Anywho, I wanted to educate both myself and you guys with something that I just learned recently.

All men and women wear lip balm (I hope) and there are some favs that we have all been using since the beginning of life basically.

At first for me it was Vaseline and I would always carry a small tub in my purse wherever I would go, then a few months ago I upgraded to Blistex which has been heaven sent so far but I still find my lips to be a BIT dry and still flake and peel.

Thank god I have come across  which reviews all kinds of products and things from lip balm to water.

They have a lip balm guide which shows viewers the top three lip balms that actually work with ingredients that you WANT to find in your lip balms which will bring more hydration to your lips.  They also list common allergens that you will most likely find in some of your favourite lip balms.



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