Thrift Shopping..

Right off the bat, a lot of people have some misconceptions about thrift shopping and used clothing all together.

I personally don’t mind it because first, I WASH IT WHEN I GET HOME… Second you can find a lot of gems at the thrift store for a fraction of the retail price.

My intention of going to the thrift store today was to find some dress pants since I literally do not own a single pair…  In a month or so I am going to be having interviews for placements and I’m going to need to stop dressing like a little boy and start dressing like an adult.

I did find two pairs of designer black pants for $7 but sharing those with you would not be very interesting…

Lately I have been super into T-shirts & the men’s section at the thrift store has some real gems.. I am going to share the latest three that I have picked up…

First I got this Last Kings XL oversized T-shirt which I think is so cute and I can’t wait to finally get to wear it…

Next I got this shirt which was like $4 & very colourful which I have been living for 

Third, I got this shirt today and it literally had my name written all over it, even the guy who cashed me out said it was dope, side note this one HASNT been washed yet so ignore the wrinkles.

Funny enough when I was younger I use to shop at value village all the time and then I stopped…. I just started again and I am so in love with it… Do you thrift shop?


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