Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

So, as we all know Rihanna came out with her own makeup line.  To be honest, when I saw the products being released nothing really caught my eye other then the foundation & the primer…

I hated the colour of the highlighter “Trophy wife” it is a PURE gold highlight and when I ended up swatching it in person, it was just pure glitter which I am NOT here for.

Let me just take a minute to talk about the fact that Rih Rih released 40 shades of foundation, 40 shades like that is INSANE.  Being a black female I understand the struggle of A LOT of brands not having my shade in foundation & if they do, my shade is the LAST shade they have & I am not even that dark at all, so having friends who literally have to DIG to find a foundation that fits their skin tone is upsetting to see.

So now Rih changed the game and came out with a shade for EVERYONE!

I ended up getting the primer and the foundation well my boyfriend (god bless his soul) got it for me and I am so impressed it is not even funny.  Let me add I also got one of those highlights where it’s split in two pans as well but we will get into that story later.

SO, the primer is beautiful and I think that if a foundation and a primer come out together to buy both because if a foundation doesn’t work with the primer that was made for it, then that foundation might not be the one for you.  The primer is moisturizing and pore filling or blurring, something like that, all I know is my skin be looking hella smooth.

THAT FOUNDATION THO, so I was toying with the idea of ordering it online because as a lot of you know I am a full time student & I work full time hours at work therefore I literally do not have enough hours in the day to go to a Sephora just to pick my shade.  The other day I found the time to go in and I got a sample of the shade 390 which I swore was my shade, even the girl at Sephora said it should be a perfect match but GURL that shade had me looking like a UMPA LUMPA.  It was so orange on me my boyfriend said that I looked like a fruit.  I ended up purchasing the shade 380 instead and even though it was WAY better, it still looked a bit orange on my face but it was an orange I could work with.  Beware when you are buying the foundation, once it dries down completely it’s a shade or so darker, so when buying I would most likely go a shade down so you aren’t out here looking crazy like I was.

Now, onto the split pan highlighter thing.  I forget which colour I ended up buying but let me tell you, it was a beautiful pink highlight, I only really used one side because the other side looked like a blush and I wasn’t really into it.  I then got to thinking “do I really need this” then I went to my boyfriend like “I am having an adult moment & realizing that I don’t really need this” and decided on returning it.

So, are the foundations worth it? HELL YA!


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