I skipped my first day of school?

So here in Canada school started last week for us.

I was actually very excited to go back to school because it meant that I didn’t have to be at work as much as I have been which is basically a plus.

Oh yeah, for those who don’t know, I am in college…

I ordered a new backpack, and got all my school supplies (I got a glitter binder).

First issue, the backpack I ordered online was way too small, and in order to return it I had to travel half an hour to a mall that isn’t anywhere near my home.

Labour day comes around and I was at work then I remembered that I didn’t buy ANY snacks for school.

Wednesday comes around and I just didn’t wake up at 7 like I was suppose to.  I told myself “lets try this next week”…

Everyone asked me why I didn’t go to school, first thing was “my backpack was all wrong I had to go get a new one”

Second reason, which many laughed at & I am pretty sure loved, “I had no snacks, I can’t go to school without snacks”

I guess I can try again next week, hopefully I am prepared…


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