New sunglasses?

Hey loves!

You guys are probably wondering where I have been, I just got off of a 10 day straight work stretch and I am going to be back at it for another 9 days after!

Since this is my first day off I decided to try and get back on my posting schedule.

For those who are close with me, know this funny story.  My mom is very careless when it comes to her glasses, she sits on them, she throws them around & just completely abuses them.

In April, she broke her sun glasses and asked if she could borrow my $200 pair.  I said yes, for one day only, we are now in July & I have yet to get them back.  I decided to buy a pair for myself just incase I would need them.

I went on my favourite website, Aliexpress, and I found the cutest pair of sunglasses and they were only $3.50, can you believe that?

I got these rose gold frames and pink lenses, and I also got these black frames and blue lenses, I mean I am not a sunglasses person but these are so cute.


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