Tinder gone wrong part deux?

Most bloggers understand that it is hard to constantly come up with content.  Since I am a lifestyle blogger I blog about myself and things that I like for the most part because that is what lifestyle bloggers do?

I decided that I wanted to indulge in a little project with Tinder again, if you didn’t see my last post on the app Tinder, I’ll try and link it here (click the here.)

I made another Tinder account and put my face up and got to swiping, but first let me disclaim something, these are things I saw while on the app, if you don’t like what I have to say don’t read this post.

Why is this in your bio?

I saw some pretty funny bios,

  • “Deep conversations and chill?”
  • “Honestly I am not photogenic and I am 100% cute as fuck”
  • “I can get hangry at times and for that I am sorry”
  • “I can spin a fidget spinner with my tongue, imagine what I can do to you”

Let’s be honest here, the 2nd and 3rd quotes are literally amazing, totally something I would say so I am not even mad.

I can see your butt cheeks…

Yes there were some men with their butt cheeks as their profile picture.  I mean do they really think that girls are attracted to that because if I have to answer on behalf of all females, issa no.

You cannot hold a conversation

I mean, these sites are for “dating” or “hooking up” purposes, but in order to get anywhere having a conversation is the key right?  Well if thats the case, why is it so hard for a good majority of these men to hold a conversation.  Trying to have a conversation is like pulling teeth and I am not invested enough to do that much work.

I got called a “boring bitch”

If you don’t like swearing, I am sorry but over here, we are 100% real.  But yes, one of the men called me a boring bitch & I guess we all want to know how I responded to the blatant disrespect, I told him nicely not to ever call me out of my name & he is probably on tinder because he doesn’t know how to speak to a female with respect.

I don’t want this post to be too long so I guess I can stop it right here, if you want a part two on my tinder chronicles, tell me in the comments below.  If you hate these kinds of posts, keep it to yourself because I could careless.


7 thoughts on “Tinder gone wrong part deux?

  1. Interesting post. Thank you for sharing. You actually certified why I don’t do dating sites! I pray you find a better way to meet someone, no one should be called a boring b****! You deserve better! God bless and again thanks for the confirmation that dating sites are not for me!!


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