A few weeks ago, ELF one of my favourite, cruelty free & affordable makeup brands had a 50% off sitewide sale so you know I had to pick up a few things.

Majority of the makeup on ELF’s website is from $1-$10 but as they are expanding their line, some of the items are in fact out of that price range.

Some of the items that I picked up I have already tried and just needed to restock while others, will be brand new for me.

First things first I got their makeup remover wipes, a pack of 2 for $5 plus 50% off, these makeup remover wipes are amazing especially for the price, it’s amazing.

Second I got their eyebrow duo, it comes with a powder and a gel, that was for my mother as I do use the dip brow, but it is a good quality product that will stay on all day and it’s only $3.

I got the elf glitter primer which was only one buck, I don’t have a glitter primer so this was a must for me!

Next is the Mineral Infused Facial Primer, in clear, I got two so one for me and one for my mom, ELF really has some amazing primers and it was only $3, plus 50% off.

I got the Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted, one of my favourite youtubers, ItsmyRaeRae (I think that is her youtube name) uses it as a highlighter so of course I had to try it out!

I got the Spot Gel Treatment with Aloe, I have used this product before and it is amazing, plus aloe is suppose to be amazing for the face.

Something that was new to me was the Hydrating Gel Mask, I am still testing this out and I am planning to do a whole review on it.

These two items were also very new to me, the Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold, this is basically as the name say’s, a liquid eyeshadow, I am so excited to try it out.  I also got the Highlighting HD Powder in Sunset Glow and just by finger swatching it, it wasn’t all that but I will be testing it out on my face just to see if it’ll perform differently.

I love ELF Cosmetics because they are for one, cruelty free & extremely affordable.

What are some of your favourite affordable makeup brands?


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