Dabbling into the freelance writing world?

I have been blogging since March, but only have I gotten more serious about my writing in the last few weeks.

I have been submitting my blog for some freelance writing positions and I have gotten a few.

One website that I am writing for is All Womens Talk  (click the word to be redirected to the website) but I love following their work on their APP.

As I wrote in my post before, Facebook groups are amazing ways to connect with people from the blogging community and to also get views for your blog!

I saw a post in one of the Facebook groups I am in, this website was looking for guest writers for their website & I automatically dropped my blog link & next thing I knew, I was asked to write & had written my first post!

My first post was of course on, minimalism… This is the link here  (Click the here)

Literally the day after, another post came to me on two fat blasting workout methods & bam my second post was up!  It is just amazing to see the steps I have taken in such a small amount of time, I can not wait to grow more and hopefully one day make a career out of writing.

Check out my second post here! 

Also, make sure you download All Womens Talk amazing APP!!


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