How do I get traffic to my blog?

I have been toying with the idea of writing this post for a while as I feel like I am still new in the world of blogging, but I have decided that I think I know enough to write this post!

I started blogging in March and when I first started, I had a book blog!  I then realized that my book blog wasn’t going to appeal to the audience I had behind me so I changed my blog into a lifestyle blog hence the name loveesyd (which is my social media handle)

I went from 8 views a week to 414 in that short time.

I am going to tell you guys about MY personal journey in getting more traffic on my blog.

Just keep in mind that these are things that work for me.

First things first, the Community Pool is a great way to promote your blog and get feedback.  Every Monday around noon a new thread opens up and you comment with your blog link asking for feedback/ opinions on your posts!  Make sure that you check out some other blogs as well.

Facebook groups are another great way to get some blog traffic.  Again there are threads on these groups to showcase your newest blog posts, your blog in general, your facebook page (if you have one) and other social media like Twitter, Instagram etc.  I will tell you guys that I have gotten blessed with a lot of opportunities because of Facebook groups, if you want to know some of my favourite groups for bloggers, comment below.

Another thing that really helped is, looking at other blogs and giving them comments and feedback.  I posted a thread in a few facebook groups saying that I would check out blogs and give feedback, in 3 days I probably looked at over 150+ blogs.  When I came back to my own, my views had gone UP!

StumbleUpon is another AMAZING way to get blog views.  Post a link to whatever post or page that you want views on, on their website under  “Likes” and start to see the views rolling in.  I can’t explain the website fully as I don’t completely understand it as of yet, all I know is, I get some easy views when I post my links on there.

Being selfish in the blogging world will not get you anywhere, sharing the love will come back to bless you in some way!

Also, starting a board and pinning your blog posts on pinterest is an AMAZING way to get views.

Again, I am no expert but these are just some things that have worked for me and my blog!


49 thoughts on “How do I get traffic to my blog?

  1. I think you got it right about sharing, Facebook groups are great for finding loads of interesting blogs to learn from. I started in March and have gone through a similar experience


  2. I don’t have any new ideas to add, but all of your recommendations are spot on! It can be surprisingly time consuming to build up a steady readership (and I personally am still in the baby stages of doing so), but I do believe making the effort pays off. 🙂


  3. I completely agree with your tips. Awesome post!

    If I may, I think it’d be helpful to your readers if you numbered each tip or use bullets.

    It’d be easier for people who like to scan to find each point.

    Or sub headers would be awesome too.


  4. This was a very helpful blog! Thank you for sharing! I am very new to blogging and I have so much to learn. Posts like these are valuable to folks like me. I enjoyed reading it!


  5. I’m still struggling with this myself 🙂 I started blogging about the same time and I’m hoping to build a better readership. Can you please share your facebook groups? Thanks a lot! 🙂


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