Tips on how to become a minimalist

If you followed me during my earlier blog days you would know that I am on this whole minimalist journey.

Since then, I have done more minimalizing, more so when I go shopping and I bring something home.  I am here to share with you what helps me.

After that post, I decided to go through all my makeup and the process for throwing stuff out was very simple and easy.  If it was old, it had it go.  If it wasn’t my favourite or my shade, it had to go.  If I could not remember the last time I used it, it had to go.

It is a very simple process with clothes, if it can’t fit, it has to go.  If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, it has to go.  If you have had it for over 6 months and the tags are still on it, say it with me IT HAS TO GO.

There is nothing good about clutter and having too much stuff.  The less you have the cleaner your space looks.  The less you have the less overwhelmed you’ll be.

Lately I have been doing more shopping and I will come home with 3-4 new pieces, when I do this, I will go through my items and throw out things that I don’t need and have been holding onto.

I have even gotten my friends & my mom to take this approach.  Both of them love shopping and have more clothing then they could ever wear.  They have so much that they don’t even have ample storage space.

Now I am pressuring you!  Go through your room & get rid of things you don’t need & let me know in the comments how that goes, I would love to hear about it!



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