My first collab????

I have had my blog since mid march, in this small time I have made friends in the blogging community & since then I have written my first guest post/ collab.

I wrote a piece for Capped Closet, as we all know I have been on my minimalist journey so having the chance to write about my on going journey was so cool.

Check out my piece on, Capped closet here <——- (click the word here)

Once again, I would love to thank Teri for the opportunity, it was so cool to do work for another blog and I can’t wait to collaborate with more bloggers/ writers.


4 thoughts on “My first collab????

  1. Hey Syd. It’s a bit late but I just wanted to let you know that I really admired your blog and I think that the way that you write is really pure and genuine. A couple days ago The Angry Marketer was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and they asked that I nominate 15 other deserving bloggers in turn. I decided that you were definitely needed to be a part of that list. Congratulations and continue doing the awesome job that you are doing! Here’s a link to the article:-


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