How is my “gym journey” going?

As a lot of you know, I have been embarking on this gym journey as I would like to call it and I have been getting a lot of questions and advice.

First, I literally know nothing about working out and what not but certain things seem to be working for me and I hope that they can work for you.

First things first, when I go to the gym I always wear my sweat belt.  What is a sweat belt?  It is a “belt” that I wrap around my stomach which makes my midsection sweat like crazy.  At the end of my workouts, I unwrap myself and sweat is dripping.  My midsection has always been a struggle of mine so to have something that attacks my midsection to help tone it is amazing.

Also, second please ladies, do more then cardio! Lift, do something else.  Cardio is good but it can get boring super fast, lift some weights, use some of the other machines.  When I go to the gym I lift, I do leg workouts, booty workouts and cardio.  When I do my cardio I do fasted cardio which means first thing in the morning after I wake up I go to the gym on an empty stomach and do my cardio, by doing fasted cardio this helps fat burning as there is no food to try and burn though.  I don’t know if I explained that properly but as I said, no genius here.

Next, the hard part which is healthy eating.  As much as a lot of us would love to think, working out does not mean that you can eat whatever you want.  It means that you should only put healthy things into your body.  I hate healthy eating, I don’t eat my vegetables, I am probably the pickiest eater on the planet.  Right now I am just trying to slowly cut back on foods that I know are bad for me in hopes that I can change my ways soon enough.  I really want to try going vegan for a week to test myself and to try new things but I’ll have to see about that one?

Do you go to the gym? I’d love to know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “How is my “gym journey” going?

  1. You are a braver soul than me, my love. I don’t really eat unhealthily but if I go scheduling it, it is going to bother me. Maybe one day, I’ll get to creating my six pack stomach. I want to see where your journey goes so you’ve gained a new follower! Hope to see more of you!


  2. So I don’t know why I thought ‘sweat belts’ were braces to help you lift & not strain your back 😅 Now I need to look into that, the midsection is my problem child too. & I do 50/50 on eating healthy, I know I need to work on that too. Good luck to you!


      1. I think I get in my own head. I used to work out at least 4-5 days a week and for 1-2 hours before I got pregnant (I was boxing and into Muay Thai). Now that I’m nowhere near that level of fitness anymore, I get frustrated or intimidated!


      2. Oh I know. I brought in my one of my boxing coaches in, and I was dying by the third combination drill. It was fun though!


  3. 16 years ago I lost 120 pounds through exercise and diet. The thing that I think made the biggest impact was that I drank at least a gallon water every day, without fail. I envy you your ability to go to the gym. I have always had a problem with working out in front of others so I exercised for the most part alone. I sometimes was lucky enough to have someone walk with me. You can do this!


  4. 16 years ago I lost 120 pounds. I did it through exercising every day and eating well, but I think the one thing that made the biggest impact was drinking at least a gallon of water every day. You can do this!

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  5. I’ve always take exercise for granted you know hahaha. My body somehow manages to hide my weight gain. but of recent, the kilo having been worrisome, so i registered myself for gym sessions. Will start to kill them calories tomorrow and hopefully make other lifestyle changes for the better. Much love, God bless 🙂


  6. I love my gym! I like my cardio because i love the elliptical, but I am also trying to tone up my arms and legs so I dedicate a half hour at the beginning or end to cardio then I aim for an hour of weight exercises. Sometimes with machines and sometimes with free weights. Has the belt helped? How much was it & where from? 🙂 Keep up with the photos , it will help you see your success!
    Much love!


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