Bargain shopping…


I love sharing my bargain finds with you guys.

I feel so proud of myself when I find extremely good deals because lately I have kind of been struggling with it.

Today I went to the mall to quickly pick up a few items and I ran across these beautiful items when I was walking around.

I went to the mall specifically to pick this bag up, it’s from I ordered it online and had it shipped to the closest store because free shipping.

I got it in the clearance section of their website for $14.99 and I have been watching it since it was $44.99, this bag was destined to be mine from day one, I just know it.  Plus I don’t have a burgundy backpack so this is going to be happily added to my backpack collection.

Next I went to Urban Planet because they do have SOME cute things there I will say.

They were having 70% off redline sale items, I got this baby blue body suit for $3.99.  It was sitting there all by itself and it was my size, again I think it was meant for me.  I don’t own many bodysuits, and I definitely don’t own anything baby blue as I try to stray as far as I can from colours.

Second, I got a baby pink long t-shirt, I thought it was a dress which is why I bought it, if I knew it was a t-shirt I would have never bought it but whatever, I’ll just go with the flow.

I personally don’t like these kind of t-shirts because I just find them awkward but as I said, I will go with the flow on this one, I paid $4.50 for it which is why I am not extremely devastated.

As I take a minimalist approach to things, right after I finish up this post, I am going to my bedroom to go through my clothes again and see what I don’t want/ need.


20 thoughts on “Bargain shopping…

  1. Cool finds, I love bargain shopping, in fact, tomorrow there’s a 50% off at our Goodwill, can’t wait!
    Glad to have found you, shared and following. Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂

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  2. oh wow great bargains – i always love coming home with something i paid a lot less than i should have for! lol


  3. I love Urban Planet as well! You can find some great things there. Also, I think your so-called “minimalist approach” is super interesting. I just cleaned out my closet recently, and although there are lots of articles of clothing I no longer wear I found it *so* hard to part with things!!

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