Road Trip & a day of shopping?

Every wednesday I spend the day with my friend Mallie.  We usually go shopping, go to a restaurant basically just anything we feel up to. Wednesday is our day.

Today we decided to go shopping, go to dinner & then we had to go to my friends because I forgot my mother’s day gift at his house (something I would totally do)

Me & Mallie shop at the same stores pretty much so we went into American Eagle where I found this cute ripped up jean shirt for only $20.00. 

I am going to love wearing this in the summer as it can basically go with any and every outfit.

Next we went to winners & I love browsing their tea section because I always find cool combinations there that they don’t sell in a regular grocery store. 

I ended up picking this Lemon & Ginger tea which I have tried before.  It is so yummy and is good for dealing with upset stomachs.

We went for dinner at a restaurant called Scaddabush (I think that is how you spell it) & I had this, which I could not even pronounce the name. 

More importantly, yay for me trying new things.

Overall, my day went from really bad to good (just good)


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