Battle of the foundations, who won?

Last week I bought two different foundations, well one was a tinted moisturizer but still.

My goal was to figure out which one I liked better and return the other as I am taking a minimalist approach to life.

I think personally, there is only so much makeup I can use on my own. Therefore I don’t need more then a certain amount.

I had gotten the new Covergirl  Vitalist Elixir foundation with SPF 20 in shade 657.

I had also gotten the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in the shade Tan.

I tested these out and wore them for about 2-3 days to see how they performed.

The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer was $56 while the Covergirl foundation was only 13.97.

I found that with the tinted moisturizer, after putting on all my makeup which means concealer, bronzer etc it made my face look orange, yes looking orange is every girls worst nightmare, nothing appealing about looking like a carrot.

The Covergirl foundation is not my perfect shade either, but one thing I will say about it is that I can manipulate it with powder, concealer and bronzer and it will not completely change colours on my face.

Also I found that the Covergirl foundation lasted way longer on my face and for someone like me with 8 hour work days, having a foundation that lasts is a must.

I can’t be out here looking all crazy and what not.

Plus can we just take a moment to speak on the price? $56 to $13.97……

I love wearing affordable makeup because I like to show people like that you can look good with a $6 foundation

Battle of the foundations? Who won?

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir *round of applause*


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