Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I have been hearing about the Mario Badescu facial spray literally everywhere so me being me I had to hunt it down and try it out for myself and so far so good, it has my face hydrated as hell (I have really dry skin guys).

The product description of this facial spray is:

  • A refreshing and hydrating facial mist
  • Gentle and non-irritating formula
  • Contains fragrant Herbal Extracts & Rosewater to provide a boost of moisture
  • Instantly soothes tight dehydrated skin
  • Leaves skin refreshed and comfortable
  • Perfect for all skin types (debatable)
  • Can also be used on dry hair

This product can be used either before makeup or after makeup.  For the time being, it is just apart of my skincare routine.

I will say, as with anything read the ingredients because my friend did get an allergic reaction from one of the herbs used to make this product so beware.

Side note, it really does smell like roses and I love it.

One question that I keep getting asked because I live in Canada is “omg where did you get that”

A lot of the beauty products we see and want are first used by people who live in the united states and it’s extremely hard for us to get those products here.

I purchased this spray from or you can just go into any Urban Outfitters and get it from there (I was not about going all the way downtown for a facial spray)

Oh and I paid $9 which is insanely good seeing as how much praise it is getting.


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