Being single really is okay.

People think that being single and alone is the end of the world.

I know some people who have literally jumped out of one long relationship right into another with no second thought.

How I wonder? How can someone not need time to themselves, not want time to themselves, then I remind myself that everyone is indeed different.

I have been single for about over a year now (that is the number that I am just going to go with) and it has been kind of meh, nothing special to say the least.

I guess I like being single for different reasons then others, some don’t want the commitment, some want to have fun, some like their space, some just aren’t relationship material (me in a nutshell).

I like being single because, I sleep with a smile on my face knowing that no one is cheating on me.

Oh god I am so joking here.

I am single because it gives me the chance to figure myself out, like really figure myself out.  I want to be well acquainted with every inch of myself and being single gives me the time to do that.

Also, usually I am a very busy person with school and work so I don’t have time for much dating, I mean people say you make time for the people you care about but I really just don’t want to make time for anything other then food and sleep at this point.

Also, I have had some bad relationships as well.  I have had abusive relationships & put myself in some very unhealthy environments.

Being single has really shown me what to look for in my next relationship & it has also shown me that I deserve the world because that is what I give others whether it be a friend or a significant other.

Anyone who plays a role in my life is loved and appreciated.  Anything they need I am there for them and I think it’s time that I stop being stubborn and let someone be there for me and help me.

By no means am I SEARCHING for someone, because I believe in timing.  When the time is right certain things will happen that’s why I think that there is no use in rushing anything in life.



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