Sydney hates working out but…..

I hate working out, but I hate being chubby (some might disagree with how I view myself)

When I was younger I was super into physical activity, I played basketball and loved gym class.

I am average size I would say, I have always been average sized with some extra weight in certain places.

As I got older, I realized that it was extremely easy to eat poorly and put on weight in undesirable areas of my body.  I also learned that it was even harder to lose weight in certain areas of my body, my two biggest struggle area’s have been my boobs and my stomach.

I have always had a large bust area and let me tell you, it’s not as fun as it looks.  It is so hard to find clothing that fits my boobs yet doesn’t look oversized on the rest of my body since I would honestly be a small if I didn’t have my boobs.

I usually go to the gym to workout, but I am also dabbling into at home workouts for those days I physically cannot go to the gym, like today for example because I am baby sitting and dragging him to the gym is the last thing I would want to do to him and myself.

Two workout apps that I have recently downloaded are: Female Fitness & Home Exercise.

Female fitness is more geared towards gym workouts but it is a female app which I love.

Home Exercise is for at home workouts and doesn’t require any equipment.  The main thing that I love about both of these apps is they have videos showing you exactly what you need to do.  I prefer videos over pictures because I know exactly what I need to do and I don’t end up hurting myself in the process (or embarrassing myself either)

What do you prefer? At home workouts or going to the gym? What are some of your favourite fitness related apps.



2 thoughts on “Sydney hates working out but…..

  1. I personally prefer working out at home. I have a treadmill (lucky) and some light weights and whenever I feel like skiving, the treadmill is always there to make me feel guilty. I don’t use apps just yet but once I widen my workout routine, I might use the ones you recommended. Great piece!

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