Affordable Strip Lashes

As we have all come to realize, I am CHEAP.

I love to cut corners when it comes to certain things so that I can make the most of put my dollar.

I stated earlier that I wore lash extensions, but as of right now I don’t have them on as it is an expensive habit.  When I don’t have extensions I wear strip lashes and I see some strip lashes going for $30+ for a single pair… Yes folks you heard that right, a single pair…

Well I am here to tell you, that my favourite lashes I get for $3.44 for FIVE pairs..

These are my favourite lashes, they are nice long, full and wispy. But the price though? Amazing.

The only downside with these lashes are, it takes about a month sometimes more time to get to me here in Canada, as they are coming from China, which is why I have to order a lot at once.

The band is thin and lightweight so they don’t feel heavy on the eyes & they blend with your real lashes very very well.

You can really get anything on Aliexpress, just make sure you read the reviews first.


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