Favourite Natural Exfoliator

Here I am with another skincare post.

Lately I have been really getting into using all natural stuff, I drink all natural tea, eat all natural foods and using all natural skin and body care.

My favourite all natural exfoliator that can be used on the entire body is Cup O’Coffee from Lush.

Yes, I am one of those people who lives for some of Lush’s skincare products.

I also love the Dark Angels face mask from them as well.  The main thing I love about Cup O’Coffee is that it makes my skin so soft when I take it off it’s amazing.

If you do want to buy it, I would recommend buying the smaller tub because Lush products do expire and honestly I could not get through the big tub even if I tried so second time around I bought the smaller one and I still have a good amount of it left.

The only thing I can’t stand about this facemask is that it is a bitch to take off and it’s extremely messy as it is made with ground coffee beans.


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