Bargain books? Are they even worth it?

People like me who love to read are always encouraged to take advantage of places like the library.

Problem with that is, I absolutely hate the library.  I despise it if we are truly being honest.

My issues with the library are as followed, I don’t like having time limitations on my reading, I read at my own pace and sometimes that pace is months and months.

Second, it is way too quiet in there for a loud child like me.  I don’t know, I’m just naturally loud in everything I do and when I do go to the library to study or something I really do feel out of place.

Third, I don’t like wanting a certain book and not being able to take it out because someone has it on hold, I am one person who does not have patients.

My solution to this simple issue is buying my books from the bookstore, but this can get very expensive very quickly and I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be expensive.

About a year ago, I discovered the sale section in Chapters, they have all kinds of deals on books like 3 for $10 or 50% off discounted prices.

Certain stores have a wider variety of books in their sale department so the bigger the store, the better.

I have gotten books for as low as $1, can you believe it!

My only suggestion is, take time and go through everything and you will definitely find something that will interest you.  Ever since I found out that the sale section had so many good reads, I have almost completely filled my bookshelf with only one empty shelf left.

Some of my all time favourite books, Loyalty for example, I paid $1 for, yes $1 and I ended up falling completely in love with it.



4 thoughts on “Bargain books? Are they even worth it?

  1. In the UK you can get really cheap books from charity shops (I think they are the same as thrift stores in Canada/the US?). Oxfam even have whole stores for just books. Generally a really good selection and you get a lot of bestsellers or books that have been adapted for TV/film.

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  2. Even I am fond of reading !! I can do anything to get my novel on my lap haha 😁 reading in the library gets too serious. I would jump on a comfortable couch or even in my bath tub !! But yesss I would like to own a huge library so that I am never short of books 😂

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