Learning to be a minimalist..

I moved house in January with my mom and in the process of packing I threw out a lot of stuff that I had that I really didn’t want.

Even in the process of setting up my house for staging I threw out A LOT of things.  It is crazy the amount of stuff you can habour and you don’t even realize.

A lot of things I held onto because they were expensive or nice knowing that I would not use it.  I had to take a moment and get over myself and ask myself “am I really going to use this again” and if the answer was no I got rid of it.

First thing I did was let my mom go through my clothing and she picked out what she wanted.  My cousin then came over and went through my small sneaker collection and took what she wanted.  My aunt then took my summer items and brought them to Jamaica with her to give away & the rest got donated to Salvation Army.

I don’t like throwing stuff out when I know that it can be used by someone else.

There is also the option of selling the clothing as well.  One place where it is easy to sell clothing that is in good condition and still in style is Platos Closet.  The two locations I know of are in Scarborough & Oshawa.  They also have an instagram account which could better explain what they do.  You may not get what the clothes are worth as it is their job to make a profit, but it’s nice to get paid for clothing you would have otherwise donated and got nothing for.  They also accept make up that is not used, I got a few MAC products for christmas that I would never use and I made a bit of money on them!

I have come to the point in my life where I want to let go of things I don’t want and need even if they are nice and or expensive.  Once you get over the whole “but I paid a lot of money for this” giving away/ selling/ donating your items won’t be that difficult.

Now when I do shop, I think to myself “do I really need this?” “will I use this” “is it worth buying” this stops me from making a lot of pointless purchases.

Now, try this, look at your closet or even your house and think “do I really need this?” “do I even use this?” “why do I have it”

I’d love for you guys to leave comments telling me how that goes for you.  It took me years to get to this point but it feels so good to be able to let go of things.


One thought on “Learning to be a minimalist..

  1. I think this is just what I needed to calm down with the hoarding and try and give thins to people that can actually use it instead keeping them away and letting them sit idly while someone else could put them to good use. But its the thought of maybe someday I’ll need this that bothers me. for a long time I’ve realized the second I give something away or decide I don’t want it, I’ll somehow need it immediately. Sigh. Its sometimes such a struggle convincing yourself to stop with the hoarding


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