STAY LOYAL (to a point)

Stay loyal to a point?

I’m speaking about staying loyal to your hairdresser, your nail lady/man, your eyebrow lady, your eyelash lady etc…

I have been going to the same hair dresser for the past 6-7 years, never will I ever leave her because she really does love me, and she does my hair exactly how I want it to be done, PLUS she is affordable.

I was going to the same nail man for 6-7 years also, but I realized that he was not doing my nails too good.

I went to a new nail lady about 2 months ago for the simple fact that I was already there, my shoulder was hurting and I wanted to go home.

Let me tell you, she changed my life.  I went to her with a whole bunch of broken nails and she told me that whoever was doing my nails was not putting on the gel correctly.  She told me that in order for it to be harder for nails to break their needs to be an arch, funny enough one of my own customers confirmed this for me the other day.

Ever since I have started going to her, I have had more creative freedom with my nails as she can do much more and she has way more resources.

I love her so much I send EVERYONE there.

The point of this was, be loyal to the people you started with but if they aren’t doing a good job (like my nail guy, sorry man), sometimes you have to be loyal to someone else.


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