Shopping on a budget?

If you are shopping on a budget, this is the most you may want to read..

I am the biggest cheapskate ALIVE, and there are a few tips and tricks that make it a bit easier to be cheap.


Flip is an app with every store in your areas flyer.  You put in your postal code and flyers for stores in your area will appear, I use this app for price matching at Walmart mostly which saves me A LOT of money.

You can also “clip” items that you are going to want to price match so that when you get to the checkouts everything is on one page!


Listen, anything you need amazon will have it. I use amazon as my cheaper alternative, for example TV mounts are $50+ dollars in store, on amazon I found one for a fraction of that price and it was shipped right to my front door.

If you are a student you can sign up for amazon prime 6 months free with your student email (college & university students)

Regular amazon prime is about $79.99 but you can try it out free for a month.


Again I can find ANYTHING on AliExpress, I love this website for phone cases mostly because they are dirt cheap.

The only con to this website is that they take forever to mail your stuff and because it does come from China it can take over a month to come 😔


Ebates is a website that gives you cash back for online shopping (no I am not playing) if you are shopping on a website, go to & see if that website is partnered with ebates, if they are they will offer a percentage of what they’ll give you back so say you spend $100.00 on a website ebates might offer 4% cash back, so you will get 4% of the $100 back!

Every few months they’ll send you a cheque and there you have it! Cash back for just simply spending money!

The only issue I have with ebates is I ALWAYS forget to use it 😔

Here are some of my tips and tricks for being a little cheapskate..


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