I left Twitter again? Why I can’t go back…

Yes, I left Twitter again guys! I don’t have any plans on going back if we are really being real.

I have met some amazing humans on Twitter as I explained in my last post, but I’ve also met some not so nice humans.

Before anyone gets their shit twisted, I am not speaking on anyone specific but this is what I have observed over my years of being on the timeline.  I have realized that on the “timeline” as a lot of us say, you can’t have a discussion without someone throwing shade or thinking that they know more then you do.  It’s like people can’t accept others opinions and that got me super upset the other day.

I love having harmless discussions where everyone can get their points across without someone coming for the other person’s personality or looks…

I just think, actually I know because others have brought this to my attention, the timeline is a toxic environment especially when you are in deep.

Honestly, if this post offends anyone on the timeline, I really don’t give two shits..  We all get to a point in our lives when we sit and take things in and eventually people will understand where I am coming from.


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