I tested out Tinder and……

Yes I have tested out Tinder, I was curious.

I was at work and my coworker asked me if I wanted to go through girls for him on his Tinder, of course I said yes because there is nothing I love more then judging.

After that little experience I decided to try it out for myself and boy…

To give you a little run down of how tinder works, you swipe through peoples pictures, and if you like you swipe one way and if you don’t like you swipe the opposite way and if you and the other person both like each others picture, it will pop up that you have a match.

“Are those your real lips or are those Kylie Jenner Lip Kits”

“You work at _________ I have seen you in there before”

*30 seconds of conversation* “I have talking on this, can I get your phone number?”

*speaks for ten minutes* “So when are we going out for dinner”

That is just a snippet of things that were said, plus I saw some coworkers and old classmates on the app too which was hilarious.

I also one guys profile and he was holding up a cowboy hat with his private area (why lord?)

Out of the 50+ matches I got (yes everyone who I liked, liked me back) only 2 of them are sane & I still speak to on a friendship level today.

Overall, the experience was funny I will say, but a complete and utter waste of time.  Plus that app is full of creeps (beware)



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