Just when International crook Nicolas Fox has been captured for good he plays his biggest con yet, he convinces the FBI to offer him a job working side by side with the very agent who is responsible for his capture, Agent Kate O’Hare.

They team up to stop a corrupt investment banker who is hiding out on a private island with all of the money that he had stolen from his victims.

This assignment tests Kate’s patients & Nick’s skill.

This book started over very action pack as it went into the moment that Kate captured Nick and some events that followed that.

The book got a little slow when they were put together to work on this case and when they started to make their plan.  This book definitely picked up towards the ending which had me at the edge of my seat because I had no idea how this story could end.  There is a second book to this series that I am trying to track down and read.

Overall I would rate this book a 3/5, it did have it’s boring moments but overall I think that it is a good read because it keeps you wanting more and more when the time is right.

I got this book at Chapter for about $4 from the bargain bin.


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