Relationships? Why I keep mine private?

Relationships, ah everyones favourite topic.

First things first, I don’t like relationships, they are too emotional for me.

You have to invest too much time and too much emotion and no I am not a heartless bitch.

I’ve been screwed over enough to know that relationships don’t end well, especially when it’s a relationship that has played out heavily over social media.

My stance on relationships are, if I do get into one it is no ones business who he is and what our relationship entails.

I find that it is always the people who shove their relationships in social media’s face are sometimes the ones who are the most unhappy.  Everything is for show and there are no real feelings involved or invested.

My last relationship a handful of people knew about.  Realistically when someone finds happiness others want to crush it, especially on social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

People probably think “well why are you trying to hide your boyfriend” my reply is “It is none of your business and it will never be any of your business”.

In cases like this sometimes, it usually is the fact that I don’t personally feel comfortable with a lot of people knowing who I am seeing.

Once people figure out who you are with they’re constantly *sipping tea* over something that was already explained to you. Pathetic I know.

To the people out there who keep their relationships private because they want to and not because they have to salute.

To the people who make their relationships very public, all of the best & no I’m not being a hater this is just my personal preference.


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