School? Thinking you have to have it all figured out so early…

As young adults I know we have all gone through the stage of comparing ourselves to others and figuring that we aren’t where we should be in life because someone our same age is way further in theirs.

That my friends is not the case.  I know we have all heard that everyone moves at their own pace, don’t compare yourself to others blah blah blah.. It’s hard not to when you are in your twenties living at your parents house taking the bus and working part time for peanuts while someone who is in the same age group has a good paying job, has their own car and don’t live with mommy & daddy anymore.

But there is a point, everyone grows at their own pace, it may not be as fast as you, yourself may want it to be but it will happen in due time.

I am saying all of this because I can currently about to finish my third year of college, well technically first year in a new program.

Anyone who knows me knows I love the law and the legal system so when I was deciding on what I want to do in college I went the law enforcement route.  Two years later and no diploma, I figured out that it wasn’t for me.  In my eyes I wasted two years of time and money to not graduate with everyone else.

For this new program, I went the office route, Legal Assistant.. A few weeks ago I realized that I don’t want to do this either and that I have more potential, but I refuse to give up on this program.

If worst comes to worst, I could be in college for 6 years in total which in my eyes is crazy.

My point is, overtime I realized that I am not the only person who has changed their mind mid way and wasted a couple thousand on school.  That is something that I have been struggling with for a long time, wasting money and not finishing my other program for the simple fact that I didn’t want to because I changed my mind.

The end goal is to be happy and love what you do, and whatever process you have to go through just to figure out what will make you happy, do it because it is so worth it.

If I can make one person understand that it is okay to be unsure and it is okay to change your mind, I will have accomplished my mission.


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