I did say that once I had reviewed the four books in the Fina Ludlow series I was going to do a complete overview on what I think on the series so far.

This has hands down been one of my favourite series so far, I did mention that certain books I found really boring but looking at it from an overall perspective this series has been well written so far since I suspect that more books will be coming out in the future.

I also mentioned before that I think Fina is an amazing character and this is the main thing that draws me into this series more and more.

Fina is a law school dropout turned private investigator working for her father at his personal injury law firm.  She is often considered to be the black sheep of the family because she is the only girl & she did not follow the same path that her three brothers did which was to become a lawyer just like their father.

Fina is a take charge, strong, independant PI who has a terrible diet but somehow never gains a pound.  She comes from a family of extremely good looking individuals.  She also has no desires to follow the path that her mother has for her which is to get married and have children.  She carries a gun and has shown readers on more then one occasion that she is not afraid to use it.

All of these books highlight different cases that she works on through the law firm and sometimes independently.  But one constant in this series is that there is always family drama mostly stemming from incidents that came to be in the first book.

Overall, I think that if anyone wants a new series to read, the Fina Ludlow Novels are amazing and the first two books are extremely affordable as I got Loyalty for 3 for $10 then $1 for my second copy & Identity for only $5.


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