Duplicity is the fourth book in the Fina Ludlow series.

When Ceci Renard hires Ludlow and Associates to sue a new hip church who she believes brainwashed her daughter, the case is passed onto Fina.

Fina is pressured to come up with an answer and quickly because Ceci is an old fling of her fathers.  Covenant Rising Church has all the makings of a cult.

There is a hip young pastor and his beautiful wife who live a life of absolute luxury.  Of course there members are eager to give all of their money in hopes that they can make some sort of “change”.

Things get more complicated when one of the church’s members turns up dead, or murdered to be exact.

The obvious questions are asked, did the church have something to do with this woman’s death or was it something in her personal life?

This case is one of Fina’s most difficult & things only get worst as the case is solved.  Her older brother Rand is back in the picture and a showdown between him & Fina threaten to pull this family completely apart.

This book gets a 5/5 from me, it still does not measure up to Loyalty in my eyes but it was very close.  The ending of this book was good and bad because so much happened and there are still so many unanswered questions.

I am not too sure when Thoft is releasing another book to continue the story but I am patiently waiting because the story has only gotten better and more complicated.

The cases always change in these books but the family drama just continues and that’s what keeps me interested.

Thoft is an amazing writer and I recommend everyone check out her work because it is so worth it.


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