Why I left Twitter?

As a lot of you know, I left twitter for almost 2 months & now I am back for the sole purpose of promoting my blog!

People were asking me if I was okay, what happened, why did I leave etc…

I can’t speak on the specific reason as to why I left, but I can say that I needed to get some toxicity out of my life.

Twitter, as it is an amazing social media app, especially for those who want to be self made, but there are some cons to it & it was driving me insane.

My twitter usage was extremely high last year, as I would be on it for majority of my day partaking in discussions and talking shit.

As I said, I can’t speak on the specific reason as to why I left, but after I did leave I realized that when I was on twitter I wasn’t focusing in school and I was letting people into certain aspects of my life that they really did not need to be let in on.

People say “it’s only twitter” and they are correct to an extent.  A lot of people take this app very seriously and that is the issue.

I can’t knock twitter because that is where I met my best friends Kyra & Tamia who are amazing humans, but I will say that app isn’t worth the stress and tears that some many have experienced.

If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be back but I did need a social media platform to promote my blog & for things like this twitter is one of the best apps.

I have had a few close friends leave twitter in the past few months and great things have happened for them which I am so happy & excited about.

What I am trying to say is, I needed to take a break and realize that I could live my life and be happy and find things to do without Twitter.


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