Vanishing Games is the second book to Ghostman which I talked about in an earlier post.

Just before dawn, on the South China Sea, pirates open fire on a small yacht which is trying to smuggle a bag of uncut sapphires worth millions.  But within minutes everything goes sideways, two of the pirates are dead leaving one to claim all of the treasure.  The boss Angela, isn’t going to let that happen.

After not speaking for 6 years, she calls in Jack better known as the Ghostman to help her fix this situation because he is the only one she trusts.

At first, Jack doesn’t believe it is Angela, I mean they haven’t seen each other in six years since that bank job that went horribly wrong.  He didn’t even know if she was still alive because everyone else on that bank job was either in jail or dead.

In order to recover the sapphires Angela and Jack will have to face down a crime boss, a hit man and a conspiracy bigger then they have ever imagined.

It hurts that Hobbs has now passed on because he was an extremely talented writer.

I have read many crime novels and never have I come across ones like this.

I literally have nothing bad to say about this book at all, it was amazing and I wish that there were more that would be following.

I would rate this a 10/5 again, I have nothing bad to say and I think everyone should go and get the two books that Hobbs has written.

I got this book at Chapters for $22.00 (full price), but it is so worth the money.


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