Sid and Ronnie Abel are a husband and wife detective team, both ex-LAPD.  Ed and Nicole Hoyt are assassins for hire living in the San Fernando Valley.  Both of these couples have little in common until they are both hired to do damage control on the same murder case.

The previous spring a body was recovered in a storm drain.  The victim was James Ballatine, a middle aged research scientist who was killed with two bullets to the back of his head.

With the investigation not moving, the Abel’s are hired by James employer to figure out what happened to him.

The Hoyt’s are brought in to make sure that the facts about this murder stay hidden forever to in order to hide a bigger crime.

Dramatic car chases, affairs, and a ring of sought after Eastern European diamond thieves all play a role in getting down to the truth about what happened.

I rate this book a 10/5, this book was amazing.  Perry is an exceptional author, this is the second book of his that I have read and it was worth every penny I paid for it and every moment spent reading it.

This book did start off a bit slow and I got very confused with the perspective jumping from the Abel’s to the Hoyt’s to some of the other characters that played a role in this.

Once you get to the middle of the book, all of the facts are laid out on the table about every single person mentioned in the story and it’s all about waiting to see how it all plays out.

This book was full of suspense and I really could not put it down because I needed (yes my life depended on it) to see how it ended.

There were also a lot of surprises in this story but as I said, once you get to the middle, everything makes sense and it’s all about waiting to see how everything plays out for each character.

I got this book at Chapters, I did pay full price which was $22.95 but as I have said, this was so worth every single penny.


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