Ghostman – Roger Hobbs

He has no name, multiple identities, he even has no fingerprints.  Most know him as Ghostman or Jack.  He has no address, no phone number and does not stay in the same place for longer then six months.  He is a career criminal who is an expert in the art of disappearing, over the years he has helped hundreds of bank robbers disappear after a job.

Five years earlier, Jack messed up on a huge heist in Kuala Lumpur, as a result of this mistake, most of the people on the job were either killed or busted.  As a result he pissed up his boss Marcus by ruining his reputation, so when Marcus asks Jack to clean up a federal payload heist gone wrong, Jack cannot say no because he owes Marcus.

One of the team members on the job was killed and the other is injured and missing with all of the money.  There is a security device in the money that is set to go off in 48 hours, which means Jack has very little time to find the money.

While he is on his pursuit, he crosses paths with Marcus’s rival “The Wolf”who is an Atlantic City kingpin.

This book goes over everything Jack has learned about being a Ghostman and making things and people disappear.  He also goes back into telling us readers about the job five years ago that went so wrong.

Jack also lets readers in on his mentor who he calls Angela.  She is a method actor turned Ghostman, she was a master of self transformation and taught Jack everything that he knows.  She was the original Ghostman and Jack has not heard from her in 5 years since he messed up that job.

In my opinion, this book is AMAZING I read it in 3 days because I could not put it down, it is full of suspense it keeps your eyes glued to the page because you want to know what’s going to happen next.  The book is from the perspective of Jack but there was never a dull or boring moment.

I got this book in the 3 for $10 bin at Chapters & I am so happy I came across it.  Hobbs who has now passed on (RIP) is an AMAZING crime writer and it is such a shame that he was taken so early because he honestly showed so much potential in this book.

In a later post I will be reviewing Vanishing Games, which is the second (and last) book to Ghostman, where Jack reunites with Angela to help her out on a job gone wrong.








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