The Boyfriend – Thomas Perry

Jack Till who is a retired LAPD homicide detective now works as a private investigator  working on the occasional case while spending as much time as he can with his 24 year old daughter Holly who has down syndrome.

One day the parents of a young girl named Catherine ask for Jacks help on solving her mysterious murder.  He reluctantly takes the case and it soon comes out that Catherine was a high class prostitute and it is assumed that she was killed by one of her clients because her line was work is extremely dangerous.  Jack follows the clues and figures out that there has been a pattern of murders, other females in the same line of work who look exactly like Catherine and who were killed using the same handgun.

Jack tries to get into the mind of this killer who he calls “The Boyfriend” and figure out what his plan is because it comes to light that killing prostitutes isn’t the only thing on the “Boyfriend’s” agenda.  He is up to bigger and more deadly plans.

Perry wrote this book in multiple perspectives.  He wrote it from the perspective of Jack, “The Boyfriend” and the multiple prostitutes that end up becoming victims of Jack.

For most this may be a confusing story to follow because it is jumping back and forth from character, but this is what I found the most interesting about the book.  You got to get into the heads of all characters and know what they were thinking and ultimately what their next move would be.  I have read another book of Perry’s and it has the same style of jumping back and forth between characters which makes me want to read more.

This book I got from a Chapters for under $5 and I was shocked at how good this book was. I literally could not put it down.



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