Loyalty – Ingrid Thoft

People always ask me what my favourite book is, the answer to this question is Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft.  This is Ingrid Thoft’s first book which introduces an female PI who works out of Boston & is often deemed the black sheep of her successful and wealthy family.

This book is about a law school dropout turned private investigator named Fina Ludlow.  She works for her father at his law firm Ludlow & Associates along side her three brothers Rand, Matthew & Scotty.  This family is good looking and extremely successful & controversial so when Fina’s sister-in-law & Rands wife Melanie goes missing, Fina’s father Carl, gives Fina the job of figuring out what happened to her so that the family can minimize police & media interference but soon Fina realizes that this isnt a regular missing persons case.  Throughout her investigation Fina uncovers dirt on her brother Rand and his young daughter Haley who always seems to be on her own as her parents are too busy fighting one another to pay attention to her.  Fina has to choose between family loyalty, which her father is huge on or doing the right thing and figuring out the truth.

This book is solely from the perspective of Fina and her day to day activities investigating the disappearance and also the drama going on in her personal life.  Also another thing that I loved about this book is it was very 21st century and relatable to today’s times and someone of my generation (I am young).  This book started out very strong and had my attention which is very hard to keep, and kept it all the way until the end of the book that I almost shed a tear because I was so sad that I finished.  Fina is an AMAZING character who is in a predominantly male dominated field yet she holds her own VERY well.  She has a strong, no bullshit personality and I think that is one of the main reasons I was so interested in this book when I started reading it.  I found this book at a Chapters downtown on a 3 for $10 shelf while waiting for my date who was late. I have read hundreds of books but this is one that will forever be my favourite.  In later posts I will be reviewing the three books that come after this one then going over the four book series as a whole and my opinion on it.


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